Treatment Plans

Offender Treatment Plans-Assignment Information: Correctional classification tools help to identify risk, needs and responsivity characteristics that must be addressed and considered when developing a treatment plan. Prior to referring offenders to appropriate interventions, correctional case managers and counselors must first decide upon treatment goals and a course of planned intervention.  This involves reviewing a client’s social and criminal history as well as any classification scores, mental health reports, or educational information. These form the basis of a treatment plan, the foundation upon which key client needs are set forward and goals of supervision and counseling determined. 

Treatment plans typically contain the following components:

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Treatment Plans
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• Background and social history

• Criminal history and dynamics of criminal incidents (specifically current offense)

• Description of current offense

• Treatment goals

• Treatment approaches for addressing client needs

Therefore, your Offender Treatment Plan should include the following:

  • Provide a detailed summary of the client’s background and social history-in YOUR OWN WORDS. (Make up a Scenario)  
  • Provide the client’s criminal history as well as a description of the current offense.
  • Provide five formal treatment goals.
  • What type of intervention(s) or therapies would be most beneficial for this client?
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