Page 1- Question # 1 -Discuss how police officers can utilize license plate readers to become more effective. What are some of the legal concerns around this type of technology?

Page 2- Question #2 – Describe the different methods of obtaining a fingerprint. Describe some of the challenges of obtaining a quality fingerprint. Discuss the pros and cons of using ink versus computers or other types of technology to obtain a fingerprint.

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1. Answer the following questions.  Please be thorough. 

2.  Each paper Please provide TWO sources in your response and cite in the body of the text. Remember to use your text as your first point of reference and then use two (2) additional source to validate your responses. Also have a work cited section as well so I can check your sources. 

3. Make sure to cite in APA format the sources that you use (textbook, .gov, .edu, etc.).  Times New Roman – 12 font double spaced- should be a minimum of 500 words double spaced. No exceptions….

No wikis or .com websites allowed!**

4. Do not copy information verbatim from the text. You must use intext citations!

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