Using AI Writing Tools as a Content Writer

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Using AI Writing Tools as a Content Writer

Artificial Intelligence

AI comprises a slate of writing tools that have been incorporated by most writers. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has recently made headlines as the new and most effective way to produce content.

I have been a little hesitant about using AI Writing tools but I think the more we research about it is the far we can go in disapproving or recommending it.

I’ve been bestirring myself to push past my reluctance and add AI into the articles I write for My hope was that as it had been said to do, it could speed up my writing process.

So, in spite of my initial resistance, I went ahead and used AI when drafting blog posts and especially when outlining them.

Here’s what one and a half weeks of incorporating AI felt like and how my opinions on AI writing tools have improved.

How I incorporated AI into my writing

When choosing which AI tools to use, I opted for suitability. I’m constantly working in Notion using it for outlining blog posts, so it was with ease that I incorporated their recently launched tool, Notion AI, into my arrangement.

I’ve been experimenting more with this feature and typically have the tool open during the work day so I can just easily switch over to our ideas section and write. I hardly used other more popular tools like ChatGPT because rather than learning how to use a new product, I wanted something that I could effortlessly embed into my existing assemblage of tools.

I was only using these tools for brainstorming and outlining purposes. I never prompted the AI to write out a full blog post for me, but rather just asked it questions to help me generate ideas and help build out the article. Throughout the course of about two weeks, I used AI for:

The pros of using AI writing tools

Sometimes when starting out a new post, I can have a bout of writer’s block and using AI essentially fixed that.

Right off the bat, I could quickly outline various topics quickly with AI. While I was still writing my own outlines, I was able to fill them out much faster than usual. For clarification, I never prompted the AI to “write an outline.” In its place, I just look into questions about my topic to see the key points it would generate. For example, when writing my article on LinkedIn analytics, I used AI to aid with the order of the post and some of the main points in each section. I did this also when refreshing one of our older posts on Facebook Story templates, as I updated the introduction and used AI to run through different versions.

There was something great about these tools which is boosting my productivity when I was behind on work. One day in particular, I was feeling under the weather and took a half-day. The next morning, I was scheduled to have an interview about brand deals with a TikToker, and it assisted me to generate a list of ten considerate questions in seconds with AI. While I did edit and tailor the questions to better fit my interviewee, this was a huge help at a moment when I really needed it fixed.

Overall, thanks to AI for it made brainstorming feel easier. I have always considered writing a solitary act, so it was pleasant to have a sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

The cons of using AI writing tools

As I continued using AI writing tools frequently, I began to acknowledge that AI can actually produce pretty decent content. However, one main issue with it is that the writing isn’t always precise. Like severally it has given me a wrong list of steps having asked it how one turns on the Creator mode on LinkedIn.

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