Week 3 Seminar Questions

1. What are main differences and similarities between and auditor and a forensic accountant? Provide some examples to support your view

2. Provide an example of when a forensic accountant may be called to give evidence in court and outline some of the circumstances involved.

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Week 3 Seminar Questions
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3. What are some of the problems associated with Forensic accountants giving evidence in court and how can these problems be overcome?

4. Outline a few of the types of litigation a forensic accountant may be involved in? Provide an example of each.

5. Compare and contrast a Single Joint-Expert with Hot-Tubbing? Construct a mock scenario for each to demonstrate the main differences.

6. What are your views of a single expert and a court appointed expert? Outline what you think are the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of expert.

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