What causes prison riots and inmate violence

Part 1

 What causes prison riots and inmate violence? What can a prison administrator do to reduce violence in their facility and prevent a riot? Give a relative example!

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What causes prison riots and inmate violence
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150-200 words

Part 2

 Discuss one of the “environmental threats” to security domestically in the United States. Describe a policy or action that would help to end this threat in the United States.

100-150 words

Part 3 

Do you agree or disagree that war, famine, and disease are more pressing issues than endemic terrorism?  Explain.   Then rank the order (1 through 4) in which you personal feel the country should be focusing on. 

200-250 words

Part 4 

Applying your knowledge of creative nonfiction from this week’s lecture, explain how the story of the Berlin Wall (Links to an external site.) by Marc Fisher represents this genre. What attributes make it a work of creative nonfiction instead of just a news article?

200-250 words

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