All answers should be typed in a WORD DOC and attached to the link provided in the assignment. This is the same process students use to submit writing assignments. I will not accept assignments that are not in the proper format. This also includes documents that are created in an .rtf, .wps, or .odt format. My computer only reads .doc and .docx. If a student has Word this is done for them automatically.

Question 1:

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According to the narrator, what are two characteristics that make Judith Judith Beheading Holofernes? (One point)

Question 2:

In what ways do both of these paintings demonstrate the characteristics of the Baroque period? (Two points)

After reviewing the course shell students can answer the following the questions:

Question 3:

Listing the date, page numbers, and author, what is the proper format if a student is citing their textbook? (One point)

Question 4:

What does it mean if a student receives an essay back with the number six in the right margins? (One point)

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