WTO General

A.      With reference to the Schedules of Commitments under the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), advise on the following:

(i)                Whether senior legal counsel, at a law firm in Barbados, is guaranteed non-discriminatory treatment in the provision of legal advisory and information services (CPC 86190) within the Dominican Republic via mode 4; (3 marks)

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WTO General
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(ii)              Whether the Government of Grenada has scheduled any limitations which can impact the establishment of a commercial presence within the country by a small bed and breakfast incorporated in St. Lucia;                        (3 marks)

(iii)           Whether the imposition by the Government of Grenada of a quota on trade in entertainment services via mode 1 would be-

a.        inconsistent with Grenada’s Schedule of Commitments; and

b.       if inconsistent, what actions the Government of Grenada should undertake to remedy such inconsistency.                                           (4 marks)

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